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Everything has a story.

Handcrafted Leather Equestrian Mirrors

Find a mirror that you look good in.
~Tom Waits

Crafted in the style of English campaign furniture, our leather mirrors add a touch of rich equestrian chic to any environment. We hand-tack beautiful leather (old or new) around a high quality mirror and detail it with authentic hardware, bits and heel chains. When possible, we like to provide the unique story behind each piece of vintage tack we use ~ where it was found and its history.

Most of the vintage bridles and harnesses we design around are found at farms, barns and estates in Upstate New York. Because each piece is uniquely found, the style and details on each mirror varies, resulting in a unique work of art.

We clean, condition and touch up the leather as much as possible, but please keep in mind that it usually contains some natural wear and tear, an occasional scratch or even a faint 'horsey' smell. (Our horse fans love that smell!)  We feel it adds to the overall character of each piece. The mirror itself is very high quality, with a finished ground edge.

This is handcrafted artisan décor, created by award-winning designer Stephanie Reppas in her New York studio.

FEATURED IN Country Living and Equistyle Magazines.


Equestrians: Provide a special piece of tack of your own and we'll create a truly bespoke piece for your home, business or tack room. Sizes available up to 30 inches. Pricing for larger mirrors (20"-30") ranges from $275 to $550, depending on size and materials used.

Please contact us about creating a custom mirror for you.

ABOVE: Before & after, 80-year-old surcingle, cleaned and refurbished into a polished 18-inch custom designed mirror.



ABOVE: Custom Mirror Installation at Glo Spa, Woodstock, NY.
BELOW: Custom 30" Mirror Design with dark brown Buffalo leather.