Design Scrapbook: Urban-Rustic


One of the hottest design trends today comes by a variety of names, but whether you call it Urban-Rustic, Industrial Chic, or Vintage Modern, what it amounts to is a style that embraces both the old and the new, the hard and the soft. Equally at home in a high-rise townhouse, a modern loft, or an historic home, Urban-Rustic is edgy, trendy,and yet classically grounded in the past. If you love Anthropologie or ABC Carpet & Home, then you have a taste for this interior style. Here are the basics on Urban-Rustic.

What is Urban-Rustic?: It’s sleek, urban elements paired with rustic fixtures in surprising ways, adding a sense of warmth and nostalgia to a sophisticated and modern room. This style is usually inhabited by new, organic shapes, antiquated machinery, and above all, lots of metal and wood! (Note: Urban-Rustic differs from its girly Shabby-Chic cousin, which tends to be more country and less urban sophistication.)

Buzzwords: Reclaimed, repurposed, raw, textured, exposed, antique, industrial, utilitarian, minimal.

Materials: Metal, ranging from rusted iron to bright and shiny galvanized aluminum, chunky pieces of stone and wood, raw concrete, distressed leather, exposed hardware and natural materials and objects.

Colors: Because Urban-Rustic spaces are typically rich with texture, a neutral palette creates a sophisticated balance—flat blacks, whites and grays, blended with a rich range of browns (taupe, rust, cocoa, deep espresso).

Contrast: Pairing shapes that are clean and minimal (re: Urban) with chunky, rusty iron (re: Rustic), lends a serious edge to this style. Try pairing faded, distressed wood with a sparkly crystal chandelier!

Repurposed: Objects constructed with unexpected materials are a key part of the Urban-Rustic aesthetic, allowing you to indulge in a little creative experimentation: A reclaimed barn door can make an impressive dining table (keep the iron hinges on it as a decorative element). Or, try hanging that sparkly crystal chandelier on an antique iron farm pulley!

Obviously, we at October Design are a little biased. Our love of Urban-Rustic extends into our growing collection of turn-of-the-century, industrial-style lamps and upcoming concrete furnishings.  What an exciting opportunity to blend the efficiency of modern industrialism with timeless natural elements! Plus, it’s fun (and environmentally responsible!) to create unique, one-of-a-kind swank infused with a sense of the past!

In our pursuit to inspire and be inspired, we’ll be posting our favorite Urban-Rustic ideas on our Pinterest page often. Stay tuned for great ideas:

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