"Refreshing in its simplicity, rustic style highlights natural beauty and a rugged, resilient spirit."

It's no secret, we love the urban-rustic style!  Industrial elements paired with nature reach back to a period of time when heartiness, self-sufficiency, and the handmade trumped frivolous, temporary fashions. No plastic, massed-produced, disposable items here. The most utilitarian objects were handcrafted and forged (literally) with beautiful details that are something to behold a century later! This is a sensibility we respect and infuse in our Tesla lighting fixtures, and our upcycled wares.

Here's the skinny on rustic style, nicely summed up by Houzz Contributer, Lisa Frederick:

What it is: Rustic style proves the old adage that everything comes full circle. Our pioneer ancestors would get a good laugh out of how fashionable the look is today — they probably dreamed of plastered walls instead of rough logs and carpets instead of bare plank floors. But thanks to rustic style's unpretentious roots, organic textures and shapes, and natural warmth, it's become as popular in the heart of the city as it is out in the woods.

Why it works: Rustic interiors have a sense of connection to the past that's hard to resist. They feel honest and unstudied and evoke a simpler time. Because they celebrate the art of repurposing, they provide a wonderful showcase for ingenuity. In a world where so much is virtual, rustic style is boldly, blatantly real.

You'll love it if ... You were happiest playing in the mud as a kid. You still reread Little House on the Prairie. You can't bring yourself to throw away packing crates or burlap sacks (hey, you never know). You sleep in your sweetie's old flannel shirts. Forget the faux-bois trend — you'll stick to real wood, thank you.

Style Secret: Outdoor Connection Thanks to their natural overtones, rustic rooms often feel like an extension of the outdoors. Draw parallels between exterior and interior spaces — for example, the asymmetrical log swing shown here would be a natural extension of a lodge-style space. Screened and covered porches also help to blur the boundaries between outdoors and in.

There is certainly an art in taking something old and giving it a new life. The desire to use materials that are reclaimed, repurposed, reused, and recycled continues to grow in popularity.  Capturing a vintage feel while adding a modern twist, rustic industrial style gives you a connection with the past that’s hard to resist. 

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