Lyre Sconce Lights

Steph just got back from yet another road trip! This time, she visited a few of her favorite salvage places places out in Pennsylvania and came back with scads of raw art supplies!

Yes, it's fun finding beautiful, old, yet unloved discards, and seeing the craftsmanship and potential in something that has been overlooked by everyone else. It's even more fun transforming these finds into amazing designs that help people see the past in a new light! (Heh heh, so to speak. See the next paragraph...)

Steph's first old/new design is this gorgeous sconce light.

In her new collection of one-of-a-kind light fixtures, Steph pairs vintage lyre clamps with a rustic, refinished wooden drawers, antique tin ceiling tiles, and more! Each one of these unique lamps features a mounted backing piece discovered in a different part of the country (like the card catalog drawers she rescued from an old library in Maine), which means that each lamp has its own story behind it. Pretty fantastic! We hope you appreciate the love and history she works into each of her designs, too!


This and more coming soon to our shops!



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