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Everything has a story.

01 Dec

Our handcrafted vintage leather bridle mirrors are now available at Con-Tack Equestrian Boutique

Con-Tack Equestrian Boutique and Tack Shop is in Tivoli, NY. Stop by if you're in the area and get that horse-lover in your life something snazzy for the holidays (like one of our fab mirrors)!:

These three are currently up for grabs. The mirrors are 18" in diameter, and each design features a unique piece of tack: a circa 1800 iron bit (left), leather blinders (center) and an original surcingle (right).  $275 each:

48 Panorama Drive, Tivoli, New York


03 Oct

Antique Replica LED Light Bulbs

A smart, attractive and ultra-economical alternative to now banned incandescent bulbs and toxic CFL bulbs.

In fact, our LED bulb has the lifespan of 25 Incandescent bulbs or 5 CFLs. And unlike CFLs, LED light bulbs contain no mercury and do not have special disposal/recycling requirements. 60 watt incandescent equivalent. Fits any standard-base light fixture.

Learn more, compare the facts and purchase our bulbs here.