Custom Design

Featured in Country Living and Architectural Digest, our leather mirrors add a touch of rich equestrian chic to any environment. We hand-tack beautiful leather (old or new) around a quality, hand-cut mirror and detail it with authentic hardware, bits and heel chains. The vintage bridles and harnesses we design around are found at farms, barns and estates in Upstate New York. Because each piece is uniquely found, the style and details on each mirror varies, resulting in a unique work of art!

Interested in a custom design featuring your own tack? Read on!


Provide your own special tack from a beloved horse and we'll create a truly unique memento for you. Let us know the size and shape of mirror you're interested in, and feel free to email us photos of your tack or the space where your mirror will be going (entryway, powder room, etc.). We'll work with you to develop a design you love!

Standard mirror sizes available up to 30 inches, and pricing ranges from $200 to $1800, depending on size and materials used.

Larger sizes 35" and up are possible, but please keep in mind that, because of their weight and fragility, they do require special additional freight shipping and handling for delivery. Please contact us for details and pricing if interested.


BELOW: Before & after, 80-year-old surcingle, cleaned and refurbished into a polished 18-inch custom designed mirror.


Custom Stirrup Table Lamp
(below left) also available with
your tack or helmet.

Mirror sizes available up to 30 inches.
Pricing for larger mirrors (20"-30") ranges from $250 to $500,
depending on size and materials used.



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